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The menu is locked and loaded for Wednesday, November 22, 2017


**Biggest Play** Today in Entire Industry

MasterLockLine Exclusive: Bill Tanner is a former pro handicapper who once has the most prestigious 900-number ever 900-976-LOCK. He is now Managing Partner and will release his famed Platinum Plays here. They are one of the famed Big 3 NBA handicappers who must be tailed every time.  First time all season, two in the NBA.


**Hottest Handicapper**

All-time No. 1 college basketball service far and away based on units won, releases almost all plays as one-unit, but does also have even more powerful 1.5-units bets. Just one today AT 5 ET.


MasterLockLine Exclusive: Famed Pan-Asian Syndicate is bar none the best source for totals in any and all sports. They are not a service, but because of decades of betting, the MasterLockLine has direct connections and an exclusive agreement to receive all their bets.. Two NCAAB OU today, one at 2:30 ET, the other tonight


The No. 1 all-time basketball handicapper, college and NBA is also among Big 3 NBA in which all bets must be tailed without exception, unless there is substantial conflicting bets from established sources. College Basketball Parlay of the Week of course wins with Pepperdine, Buffalo. NBA/College Parlay of the Week. NCAAB is also a night game


A well-known star handicapper is No. 1 for this century in units won in all sports. Known for his Double-Double Best Bets, a rarity. 1-0 this NCAAB season with such, second is a noon ET start



Free: Service out of San Diego is the No. 1 handicapper west of Mississippi, which includes every Las Vegas based handicapper. Portland Trail Blazers


All picks are full game against the spread or totals, except in baseball and NHL which are moneyline. Any exceptions will be specified.

Winning percentage: self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

We rate handicappers by each sport, combined college and pro (example NFL, college, and NFL/college football combined), overall and also by varying time periods (this season, last five years). Hence there will be more than for example 10 services considered Top 10. Parlay picks are counted as individual plays for accurate comparison.