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The menu is locked and loaded for Monday, October 16, 2017


**Biggest Play** Today in Entire Industry

Formed in August of 2016 by two founders of major offshore sportsbooks, a sports service out of Costa Rica is No. 1 in all sports for 2017. Their highest rated bets are Golden Tickets. 5-1 with Golden Tickets last two days. You know it is legit, you got them all right here. Golden Ticket on MNF side


**Hottest Handicapper**

Service out of the southeast is without any debate the top big play service since summer of 2009 with big plays. Their biggest play is a Deposit Slip in which they average less than two per week and 18 of the last 22 sports seasons have seen 61 percent or better.  18-7 in MLB all season with Deposit Slips for +9.2 units based on one unit per bet minus the juice. First Deposit Slip of playoffs on Astros vs. Yankees OU


No. 1 NHL and CFL sports service is, not surprisingly based out of the Great White North. One NHL side tonight


Free: No free pick today


All picks are full game against the spread or totals, except in baseball and NHL which are moneyline. Any exceptions will be specified.

Winning percentage: self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

We rate handicappers by each sport, combined college and pro (example NFL, college, and NFL/college football combined), overall and also by varying time periods (this season, last five years). Hence there will be more than for example 10 services considered Top 10. Parlay picks are counted as individual plays for accurate comparison.