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Baseball Betting

Baseball betting offers the highest ROI of any sport in betting, thanks to sports handicapping experts winning with underdog bets. Get the baseball lines plus MLB matchups used by the top baseball handicappers.

Other sports betting gurus prefer this alternative gambling database for making their baseball bet.

For insight on betting the baseball odds, there are many articles out there from the top baseball handicapper of all-time, Joe Duffy of GodsTips, anchor of

The first discusses ERA and WHIP in beating the Las Vegas sportsbooks. The most eye opening is how the Grandmaster handicapper explodes the pitching and defense myth as it applies to your sports bet.

Yes, it is the same Joe Duffy you knew as “JD of the ACC” from his Cadillac Club score phone days. He built up his legendary status when most bettors waged through a local guy in the days before online betting. At least a half-dozen baseball bettors per season would call the Charge-by-Phone saying how their guy cut them off betting baseball because of their gravy training JD’s baseball betting prowess.

Don’t forget the daily baseball betting previews, written purely for MLB wagering. We even have approved sportsbooks with sharp baseball money lines, run lines, over/unders (totals), baseball futures, and even fantasy baseball player props.

For baseball picks from the world’s top sports betting services, it’s